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The Slow Apostle


Pastels and Acrylics on Watercolor Paper

11 inches Wides x 15 inches High

For the week prior to painting this, I was having many very intense dreams, which I beleive were powerful messages from the Collective Uncounsious.  To be honest, I was very stressed over the truth of the messages, undoubtably related to my daily life, and my Hellenistic religious and philosophical beleifs.  I learned my lessons, I hope.

My hands were shaking violently when I painted this, and had the end result effect of a very varied colorism.  I tried to adjust for resolution and light effects in the photo that you see, but I am much more impressed with it in person.

This painting was done in UNDER five minutes.

Notice the play on the postitions of the different faces in the photo.


$120.00 each

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