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IMG 0249"Prophetess Gets Her Wings"

My name is Jordan Hamilton Zancanella, and I live in Bermuda.

What is art?  The definition of art is probably one of the least understood in any language during any time period in the world. To me, it is the Truth, if there could be proof of such a thing, of an up and down, good and evil, masculine and feminine, that exists as a content and a potential.  It is the beauty, tragedy, and comedy of all that is Humanity.  "Our Father who art in Heaven".

My love of art started when I drank beer with two Trappist monks in the mountains of Northern Italy when I was sixteen years old.  My father, being the good Catholic, put me in the local mental institution for half of my life becuase of the experience.  During that particular, "Dark Night of the Soul" I studied philosophy, mathematics, mysticism, and psychology.  At the end of all of it, my heart will always be with the Trappists, because they blessed me with a gift.

That gift is this,

"Art Creates Meaning"

Pax.  Ora et Labora.

Peace. Pray and Work.




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