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Q1. I am interested, but how do I see, pay for and receive a painting?

You can email me, and then we can arrange a time and place to meet.  Then, if you like what you see we can also negotiate a price.  Many people don't know it, but all of my prices are negotiable.  That's how I do business - you are the judge.


Q2. I noticed that you do not have specific shipping costs for my area.  How will I know how much it will cost?

I include shipping costs with the price of every order, so there is no extra charge for shipping.


Q3. How soon will I receive my painting?

You will recieve your painting in about two weeks, properly packaged.  Unfortunatly, we do not have overnight delivery in Bermuda.


Q4. What countries do you ship to?

I ship primarily to the North American continent and to the United Kingdom.  For all other destinations, please contact me by E-mail.  For local purchases, (in Bermuda) please contact me by E-mail or phone.


Q5. What about frames or prints?

Being that these are pastel paintings, they can be very delicate and need to be properly framed behind glass.  Because of the bulky size, shipping costs, and the risk of the glass being damaged during the shipping process, I am unable to offer framing services.  More than likely, it would actually cost you less to purchase a locally made frame in your own district.

I can ship prints to you in various sizes with or without mattes.  Please email me for details.  Additional prints, originals, or just fun things to read can be found on my Facebook page,


Q6. How may I get into contact with you?

I may be reached at 441-777-1253, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My mailing address is Room 321 Langley House, 26 Tommy Fox Road, St. George's DD 03 Bermuda.


Q7. Explain your artwork for the layperson.

I once drank beer with two Trappist monks near Trento, Italy, and my father put me in the local mental institution after my conversion.  During that famed "Dark Night of the Soul," I became very interested in the idea of transfinite mathematics, and the Freudian and Jungian ideas of conversion and compensation.  Neo-platonism and existential philosophy are also very highly valued interests of mine.  Much of my artwork is about the cohesivness of different geometric forms and archetypes.  As an abstract expressionist, the value of many of these interlacing forms also lies in the colorism, or the emotional tension that these forms play on one another.

I beleive that as humans, both the pagan and the Judeo-Christain idea of "hubris" means that we all are in search of a meaning greater than ourselves that one day, in any sense of belief, we can be equated with.

"Art Creates Meaning"



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